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This information was originally compiled by the late Dan Condon of Middleton, Massachusetts. Danny was an avid collector of Movie Dog memorabilia and had what was widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive collection of movies and memorabilia of anyone. He began collecting movie memorabilia long before the Internet was such a helpful tool in locating rare finds. He amassed the collection the hard way, with letters and telephone calls and interaction with collectors all over the world. He also enjoyed antique cars and was a member of the Sanford-Springvale (Maine) Historical Society. He was widely known as a "Doctor of Dogology" who secured his degree from the amount of time he spent on researching the litany of German Shepherd Dogs who starred in the Movies. He donated a particularly rare old film to the Smithsonian Institute where it was archived. He also gave one of his rare finds to the Library of Congress so the historical value of the film could be preserved. He was a very witty man with a unique sense of humor. Danny passed away on July 15,2014. He is survived by his loving wife Judie. Danny's widow, Judie, generously donated his collection to the Museum of Dogs to secure a public home for the collection so the world can enjoy the work of Dr. Dan Condon, phd in Dogology.
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The Return of Grey Wolf (1922)


The Big Stunt (1925)
Wolfheart's Revenge (1925)
"Courage of Wolfheart" (1925)
Fangs of Wolfheart (1925)

Flapper Wives (1924)


Baited Trap (1926)
West of the Law (1926)
Sheriff's Girl (1926)
The Range Riders (1927)
of the West (1927)


Flaming Fury (1926)
Flashing Fangs (1926)
Ranger of the North (1927)
Swift Shadow" (1927)
"When a Dog Loves (1927)
Outlaw Dog" (1927)
Breed of Courage (1927)
A Flame in the Sky (1927)
"The Law of Fear" (1928)
Fangs of the Wild (1928)
Dog Law" (1928)
Dog Justice" (1928)
"Tracked" (1928)
When Dreams Come True" (1929)
The One Man Dog(1929)
Fury of the Wild" (1929)


Billed as The Great Police Dog
The Great Police Dog Detective
The Peer of all Dog Actors
The Greatest of all Dog Actors
Thirteen short films August-October 1926.
Distributed by Chesterfield Films.
Directed by Ernest Van Pelt.
Billed as "Fearless, the Dog Detective"
"The Silent Trailer
Dog Scents
"A String of Diamonds
A Dumb Romeo
Rum Runners
Almost Human"
His Pal"
The Thief of Thieves
Fangs of Vengeance
The Wolf
The Love Fighter
Dog of Dogs
Detective K9

King of the Dog Stars

Fangs of Justice (1926)
The Silent Flyer (1926)
Where Trails Begin (1927)
Cross Breed" (1927)
The Snarl of Hate (1927)
Code of the Air (1928)


Peacock Alley (1922)
The Silent Hero" (1927)
The Thirteenth Hour (1927)
The Danger Patrol" (1928)


The Sky Rider (1927)
The Silent Sentinel (1929)


The Call of the Wilderness (1926)
Code of the Northwest (1926)
Avenging Fangs" (1927))


Billed as:
"The Screens only White Police Dog"
Co-starred with "Thunder" in:
His Masters Voice" (1925)
The Phantom of the Forest (1926)
Wolf Fangs (1927)


The Man Who Laughs (1928)


Starred with actor Art Acord
in over a dozen movies during the 1920s

"The Oregon Trail" (1925)
Three in Exile" (1925)
The Circus Cyclone" (1925)
The Wild Girl" (1925)
The Silent Guardian" (1925)
Pals (1925)
The Call of Courage" (1925)
Sky High Corral" (1926)
Rustlers Ranch" (1926)
The Scrappin' Kid" (1926)
The Terror" (1926)
West of Rainbows End" (1926)
The Man from the West" (1926)
Hi-Jacking Rustlers" (1926)
Set Free" (1927)
"The Western Rover" (1927)
The Two Outlaws" (1928)
Bullets and Justice" (1929)
The Arizona Kid" (1929) aka Pursued


Call of the Klondike (1926)


The Yellow Cameo (1928)-10 chapter serial
Little Wild Girl (1929)
Cast and Review
Lila Lee (Marie Cleste), Cullen Landis
(Jules Barbier), Frank Merrill (Tavish McBride),
Sheldon Lewis (Wanakee), Boris Karloff (Maurice Kent),
Jimmy Aubrey (Posty McKnuffle), Bud Shaw (Oliver Hampton),
Arthur Hotaling (Duncan Cleste), Cyclone (Momo, the Dog).

Lee is discovered in the North Woods by a playwright
and a song writer, both of whom fall madly in love with her.

They take her back to New York when it is believed her
father and fiancé were killed in a forest fire (actually
her lover survived but is crippled).

Soon Lee becomes a big Broadway star, but hastily
returns home when she is wrongly implicated in a murder.

The townsfolk receiver her coolly, but Lee could care
less after she is reunited with her fiance, who luckily
inherited a fortune and regained the use of his legs.


The Laws Lash (1928)
Marlie the Killer (1928)
Fangs of Fate (1928)
The Avenging Shadow (1928)


Your Best Friend (1929)


Shadows of the Night (1928)
Under the Black Eagle (1928)
Honeymoon (1929)
Flaming Signal(1933)
Death Fangs
Crack-Up (1934) Wild Waters (1935
Timberesque (1935)
Call the Mesquiteers (1938)


Billed as The Emperor of all Dogs

Untamed Justice (1929)
Phantoms of the North (1929)
Sign of the Wolf (1931) Serial
The Lone Trail (1936) a feature film cut from the 1931 Ten Chapter Serial, "Sign of the Wolf"

"Trailing the Killer" (1932)


Billed as The Dog Marvel & The Wonder Dog
Jaws of Justice (1933)
Ferocious Pal (1934)
Fighting Fury (1938)


Timber Terrors (1934)
Courage of the North (1935)


Fighting to Live (1934)br>


(Grandson of Strongheart)
Billed as The Wonder Dog and The Marvel Dog
When Lightening Strikes (1934)
Mans Best Friend (1935)
Wings in the Dark (1935)
A Dog of Flanders (1935)
White Fang (1936)
In Revolt (1936)
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937)
Thorobreds All (193?)

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