Jane Murfin, Larry Trimble and Strongheart

In the beginning there was Strongheart (Etzel von Oeringer) 1917-1929.
Animal trainer Larry Trimble and his screenwriter wife Jane Murfin had the idea to introduce a Dog Star in a feature film.

This German Shepherd Dogs name was Strongheart and the movie title is "The Silent Call" (1921).

Other movies included "Brawn of the North" (1922) - "The Love Master" (1924) - "White Fang" (1925)

"North Star" (1925) and "The Return of Boston Blackie" (1927).

To the best of my knowledge "The Return of Boston Blackie" is the only Strongheart movie that still exists today.

Update: A Copy of Strongheart's "The Love Master" is held in the Archives du Film du CNC in Paris.

Information compiled by Dan Condon