The only known photo of the original gravesite of Rin-Tin-Tin

While serving in the 136th Aero Division, Corporal Lee Duncan rescued Rin-Tin-Tin from an abandoned German War Dog kennel in Lorraine, France on September 15, 1918. Duncan introduced him to the movies and he starred in nearly two dozen Silent Films. His first major feature film was with Warner Brothers - "Where the North Begins" in 1923. Here is a list of his movies.

The Silents The Man from Hell's River (1922)
My Dad (1922)
Where the North Begins (1923)
Shadows of the North (1923)
Hello Frisco" (1924) (a 10 minute short)
Find your Man (1924)
The Lighthouse by the Sea (1925)
Clash of the Wolves (1925)
Tracked in the Snow Country (1925)
Below the Line (1925)
The Night Cry (1926)
A Hero of the Big Snow (1926)
While London Sleeps (1926)
Hills of Kentucky (1927)
Jaws of Steel" (1927)
Tracked by the Police (1927)
A Dog of the Regiment (1927)
A Race for Life" (1928)
Rinty of the Desert" (1928)
Land of the Silver Fox" (1928)
The Famous Warner Brothers Dog Star (1928)
(a short) The Million Dollar Collar (1929)
Frozen River (1929)
The Barkies.
The Show of Shows (1929)
Tiger Rose (1929)
The Man Hunter (1930)
On the Border" (1930)
Rough Waters (1930)
The Lone Defender (1930)
The Lightning Warrior (1931)

Rin-Tin-Tin died August 10, 1932 just a month shy of 14. He was laid to rest in a Bronze Casket at Mr. Duncans home in Riverside California under a beautiful rose bush, with the toys he played with. His remains were later moved to "The Cimetie're des Chiens" in Paris France. His stone is made from beautiful Black Marble and originally had a Statue of Rin-Tin-Tin on top which was stolen.

Information compiled by Dan Condon