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Please send an EMAIL for additional information All progeny are Guaranteed to OFA Certify Hips and Elbows

This extraordinary bloodline was acquired directly from Lee Duncan and maintained by the same family for nearly 60 years.
To protect the integrity of the Line Dogs, we do not place breeding dogs outside the protected and very strict breeding program.
This extremely strict breeding program not only ensures the quality of the dogs in the bloodline, but is your insurance that the
puppy you receive is not only an authentic Line Dog but of the finest quality dogs available in the breed today.

A True Line Dog is easily recognized by their remarkable head which the line has been known for for Decades.
At a Dog Show you can spot a Real Line Dog from across the Room.

Rin Tin Tins Vixen ~ Rin Tin Tins Prancer ~ Rin Tin Tins Flashdance ~ Rin Tin Tins Cupid

A Litter is planned for FALL 2018 - early 2019

The Standard of the German Shepherd Dog as approved by GSDCA and AKC

The United States Grand Victors 1919-2014as awarded by German Shepherd Dog Club of America

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