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Reiker Lee

Our sincere condolences to our friend Nancy Hibiske Reed on her loss of Reiker Lee. As a team they made a forever mark on the hearts of everyone they met and enjoyed significant accomplishments in the sport of AKC and UKC Scent Work. His memory will be with us forever. 2008-2019.

Rin Tin Tins Oooh-Ahhh
December 14, 1994-June 6,2006

Oooh-Ahhh was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. He could, and did, do everything. We traveled on an amazing road show with Animal Food Serivces and Gerry Nash across America promoting good canine nurtition. We presented a program that consisted of the lineage history and tricks. He was an incredible sire and his progeny accomplished great things especially as service dogs for special needs children.

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