Our Iowa location

We are located in Georgia and Iowa. Puppies will be placed from those locations.
We do NOT ship any puppies by air. Our dogs are house dogs and are not kept for any prolonged period in outdoor kennels.
Our Goal
To protect and maintain the bloodline of the Linebred Descendants of Rin Tin Tin IV with the Breeding, Raising and Training Protocols established by Lee Duncan nearly a century ago that were continued by Jannettia Brodsgaard Propps and Daphne Hereford and enhanced, through education and science to produce the mirror image dog within the GSD standard.

We advocate Positive Reinforcement/Opperant Conditioning Training and highly recommend the training protocols of world renown Clicker Trainer Karen Pryor

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About Me
I own Rin Tin Tins Mella,Rin Tin Tins Vixen and Rin Tin Tins Prancer(aka Kaia). I've lived in Iowa my whole life. Right now Im dog proofing. Putting up new deck railing and gates,that lead to the dog fence area. I have Added a pool for the dogs!

I have a upcoming litter this summer to be sired by the amazing Derby.
I Love getting different ideas when it comes to the dogs. With my own dog training Ive also been working with 2 other trainers.
With my EMT classes Im working on helping EMS/Fire with pet CPR classes,and providing oxygen masks for pets. Tax Deductible donations to Dogs of Distinction is a great way to help me out with that.

I have 3 boys Jacob who is in college and wrestles for UIU. Jake going to be 20 this month and He still has no clue what he wants to do in life,beside play video games. Caden is 16 and knows it all. He does love going out and playing ball with all the dogs. Lucas is 12 and loves getting under his brothers skin.

I have 2 other dogs Zane(Pitbull) 8 years old. Jewels(Toy Assuie) 7 months and thinks shes one of the big dogs. Im married to Shane who thinks Im nuts with all these dogs in the house.

I have a few more plans Im working on yet. Youll have to stay tuned and see!

Home of
AUTUMN WILLOW (the baby Aussie)

The Iowa Outdoor Kennel Area
Watch our dogs at Play in the Exercise yard in Iowa.

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