The History of Our Bloodline<
The German Shepherd Dogs produced by the breeding program developed by Lee Duncan and continued by the original Bodyguard Kennels and Jannettia Propps have been recognized in the German Shepherd Dog for many decades and likewise is widely considered one of the oldest continuous bloodlines in the breeds 115-year history.

The auspicious beginnings of the lineage would lead to two families dedicating their lives to the preservation of not only the legacy, but also the quality dogs for which they became known.

The foundation of the criteria for the breeding program Corporal Lee Duncan would establish began when he checked out a bombed German war dog kennel in Lorraine, France on Sept. 15, 1918 and rescued a litter of puppies.

What he found was a mother German Shepherd Dog and her litter, the only survivors of the destruction left behind by the bomb. Betty had five puppies sired by Fritz.

Duncan had fallen in love with the breed during his service in World War I and through his dedication became well-known in the dog show world. He was breeder of Ch. Tasso of Villa Marina, ROM a well-known son of 1937 Int. Ch. Odin von Busecker Schloss, PH, ROM Many people who wanted pups approached Duncan, but only one of those relationships would maintain the dedication necessary to continue the lineage for future generations.

It was in 1956 that Jannettia Brodsgaard Propps contacted Duncan about a puppy for her breeding program. She and Duncan communicated frequently and finally on July 5, 1957 the first son of Rin Tin Tin IV she would purchase from him arrived at the airport in Houston, Texas. Rinty Tin Tin Brodsgaard, CD and his half brother Bodyguards Rin Tin Tin II, CD were both shown in obedience.
She would ultimately acquire four dogs, including Rena, Daw-Gon , and Judo directly from Duncan as well as his endorsement for success in her breeding program. Dogs from the foundation of the lineage can be found in the Zuchtbuch fur deutsche Schaferhunde (SZ) (First Stud Book for the Breed) Betty des Flandres and Fritz de la Chasse royale

Ms. Propps continued to breed and show her dogs with help from her granddaughter. Ms. Propps passed away December 17, 1988 and the lineage was passed to her granddaughter, Daphne Hereford who maintained it through the next several decades before she retired from breeding.
We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Carrie Ragsdale of New Hartford, Iowa and Joanne Bradley of Cumming, Georgia. We are continuing the bloodline following the retirement of Daphne Hereford and following the same strict breeding criteria established by Lee Duncan, Jannettia Brodsgaard Propps and Daphne Hereford to produce German Shepherd Dogs in the mirror image of their well-known predecessors. The colors produced include Sable, Silver Grey, White, and on occasion a Black and Silver.

We manage the Hollywood Dogs and Dogs of Distinction, Incorporated breeding programs according to the same criteria used by Jannettia Propps that was set forth by Duncan. That criteria includes, but is not limited to limiting the number of litters produced by a single female to three litter of puppies. We are proud that many of the attributes of the 1950s-1960s dogs, including the easily recognizable head, remain dominant in the dogs we breed today.

Dogs of Distinction, Incorporated is an IRS Tax Exempt organization that provides service dog candidates to children with special needs and military personnel suffering from PTSD. For more information about the programs visit the Dogs of Distinction website

One of the greatest complements this amazing bloodline has received was from an AKC judge.
When she first saw Rin Tin Tins Quella she said, "She is gorgeous. She looks like she stepped off the pages of a 1945 copy of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Review Magazine."
Her comments exemplify that the line has been protected and remains EXACTLY as Lee Duncan and Jannettia Propps would have wanted. That is the result of an exemplary Line Breeding Program which will continue.


Look at these photos. More than 50 years separate these dogs - the one on the Left is a Grafmar Dog from a 1950s copy of the Review and the one on the Right is RIN TIN TINS OOOH-AHHH taken in 2000. Compare those to the photos of today.
The Bloodline is also easily recognized by their unmistakable head.

More than 50 years separate the two dogs in these center photos. The Bloodline is also easily recognized by their unmistakable head.

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We provide a guarantee in writing that all progeny will OFA Certify Hips and Elbows and test breeding dogs for DM. The line does carry the white factor and the coat factor, but is absent of many other things common in the breed including cryptorchidism, missing teeth, pale pigment (eyes).

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