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The American Line Vs The German Line

The Differences
There are many differences between the American Bred German Shepherd Dog and the German Bred German Shepherd Dog. And the subject is not without controversy on both sides. With both sides arguing theirs is better for whatever reason.

There are notable differences between the two and if you look at the charts below you can see the progression of the changes in both American and German dogs.

This offering is not intended to infringe on anyones anything, nor is it intended to start any type of argument on which is better. It merely presents the representatives of the breed from each country and shows how Styles change over time. No different that a pictorial view of a Ford from the Model T to todays Mustang.

This representation shows the American Grand Victors and German Siegers.

As of the launching of this page we only have the complete Charts German Dogs but are hopeful we will be able to find a like presentation featuring the GSDCA Grand Victors for the representative years. We do however have the YouTube for the American dogs. The GSD Standard

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* Credit to Ty-Lyn for providing us the German charts
* An additional listing including females in some years from a breeders website who is no longer breeding.

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