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We highly recommend Feeding an all natural Raw Diet and encourage owners of all breeds of dogs to experience the benefits of feeding dogs the diet they were designed to eat, and that is meat.

Pictured at right is a litter of Linebred Descendants of Rin Tin Tin IV enjoying their first meal of Animal Food Services (Gerry Nash) Raw diet in 2002. One of the puppies pictured (far right Silver) is Rin-Tin-Tin XXXVII

What is Raw Diet?
Feeding your new puppy the proper diet is very important to his/her development and overall health.

The Linebred Descendants of Rin Tin Tin IV breeding program has fed and recommended a good quality raw diet since 2000 and our warranty requires you to continue a good quality raw diet. A good raw diet mimics the diet a dog in the wild would eat - which in the case of a German Shepherd Dog would be a rabbit. An honest protein level of about 17% is ideal.

Studies from Kansas State University indicate proper nutrition can have a positive influence on healthy hips, joints, and bones. The nationí»s leading canine nutritionists agree the benefits of a raw diet are numerous. Benefits include clean teeth, increased energy levels, excellent muscle development, less shedding, stronger immune system, and a healthier digestive system.

Veterinarians who do not specialize in canine nutrition may argue that a raw diet could result in salmonella and e-coli problems. The reality is a dog's intestinal tract is much shorter than a human's which means the bacteria is not in the dogs body long enough to create a problem.

There are several good raw diets available commercially at Retail Stores nationwide.

In the alternative, a "homemade" version can be achieved with raw meat purchased from your local grocer. Keep in mind - a proper raw diet must have the correct balance of muscle meat-to-organ meat-to bone. A sample recipe is below:

35% beef muscle meat (moderately lean)
15% beef liver
15% beef heart
10% beef tongue
5% pancreas
5% Green tripe
15% ground bone or use chicken leg quarters which will also serve as some muscle meat

With this recipe you will need to add a good vitamin such as Pet Tabs because it will not be consistently balanced. Give bones RAW. Do NOT give a dog Cooked bones as they will splinter - Raw bones are flexible.

Disclaimer - The information provided in the "homemade" version is merely a a suggestion and we recommend you consult a holistic veterinarian to confirm that it would be suitable for your dog. We accept no liaility for the contents of the diet.

Relationship of Nutrition to Developmental Skeletal Disease in Young Dogs
by Daniel C. Richardson and Phillip W. Toll

Conclusion Large and giant-breed dogs are the most susceptible to developmental skeletal disease. Genetics, environment, and nutrition play key roles. Nutritionally, rate of growth, food consumption, specific nutrients, and feeding methods influence our ability to optimize skeletal development and minimize skeletal disease. Maximizing the growth rate in young, growing puppies does not correlate to maximal adult size. It does, however, increase the risk of skeletal disease. The growth phase of 3 to 8 months, and possibly the phases before weaning, are vital to ultimate skeletal integrity. The large and giant breeds may be limited in their ability to cope with excesses of minerals such as calcium.

The Entire Nutrition Article/Study

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